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PK Bala

PK Bala serves as our President & CEO. PK was the principal investor in Meridian Biomedical Inc. which acquired Quality Medical in Sep 2015. PK has more than 35 years in senior executive positions in technology companies and most recently was COO at Teleplan International NV, a $450 Mil global aftermarket services company with 22 service centers around the globe. PK is passionate about driving operational efficiencies and leveraging appropriate technology to deliver needed results for our customers.

President & CEO
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Jim Worrell

Jim Worrell is a partner at Quality Medical, holding the position of Chief Commercial Officer.  In this role, Mr. Worrell has led the sales team to impressive market share growth while maintaining his innate passion of being the chief customer-advocate.  You will not find an executive with a stronger focus on keeping satisfied customers.  Prior to Quality Medical, Mr. Worrell has founded, grown and exited from several technologies and media-related companies including those in client-server computing, clinical research, integrated voice response, and mobile applications.

Chief Commercial Officer
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PK Raja

PK Raja joined Quality Medical in 2016 and holds the role of Vice President of Information Technologies.  Since his arrival, he has helped transform the organization’s technology platforms from a supportive tool to the company’s strategic advantage.  Mr. Raja has over 20 years of leadership across the Information Technology discipline, having helped transform businesses in the transportation, healthcare, retail, energy, and telecommunications industries.

Chief Technology Officer
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Jason Perfetto

Jason Perfetto has been with Quality Medical since 2006, holding roles in Operations leadership throughout his tenure. He currently holds the position of Vice President of Operations, where he has helped grow the company from the market share leader in Florida to a multi-site organization supporting a national footprint. Mr. Perfetto has over 15 years of Operations leadership in Biomedical Service organizations with expertise in operational efficiency, continuous improvement, and employee development.

VP - Operations & General Manager

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Will Ross

Will Ross joined Quality Medical in 2018 as the Vice President of Marketing.  His focus is on building the Quality Medical brand into a national leader in the equipment service and fleet management industry while developing strategic relationships with key healthcare organizations that help facilitate that goal.  Mr. Ross has over 10 years of Marketing leadership in the Healthcare and Medical Device space with expertise in brand growth, commercial model design, and revenue optimization.

VP Marketing