Abbott Plum A+

New, Used and Refurbished – Abbott Plum A+

We at Quality Medical sell new and used or refurbished patient ready Abbott Plum A+ at a very economical price. When you buy refurbished patient ready Abbott Plum infusion therapy equipment with us, you can be 100% sure that it has been refurbished to factory specification.
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Product Description

Buy New, Used & Refurbished Abbott Plum A+

Launched in 2000, the Abbott Plum A+ calculates drug-appropriate doses, displays key programming information and provides a pre-infusion review of programmed medication infusion parameters for clinician confirmation. With more than 325,000 pumps installed worldwide, the Abbott Plum A+™ general purpose infusion system remains the proven choice for caregivers and clinicians alike.

Refurbished Abbott Plum A+ sold by Quality Medical is backed by a 12-month warranty. Please contact us if you have any compatibility related or other question related to Abbott Plum.