Information on Infusion Pumps from Brands Such as Abbott, Baxter, Braun, Healthdyne, Medfusion, Newport, Philips, & More.

Technical Excellence

The core of Quality Medical is our trained and factory certified biomedical engineers and technicians who have highly specialized experience with infusion equipment. Our Director, Clinical Engineering emphasizes an equal balance of understanding between the technical requirements of infusion equipment repair and service and the clinical use of such infusion equipment. We have built up a core customer base in Hospitals, HME companies, EMS and LTAC facilities over the last 12 years with a focus on technical excellence in service. Our biomedical engineers and technicians have undergone extensive factory training and certification and have broad experience in the repair, certification and PM of infusion equipment. Some of the major manufacturers of Infusion pumps for which we are certified to repair and service include Baxter, Abbott, Alaris, Carefusion, B.Braun, Smiths Medfusion, Moog and many others.


A core capability at Quality Medical is the engineering associated with infusion equipment services. We perform preventative maintenance (PM) and repairs on a wide variety of infusion and enteral equipment, including: ambulatory pumps, syringe pumps and pole mounted infusion pumps. We use only OEM authorized parts for all services performed. All repairs and service receive a full calibration ensuring the exact OEM performance of the pumps. As a one stop shop, customers may contact us for all their infusion equipment needs rather than working with numerous service providers for different brands of infusion or enteral equipment.

We also offer onsite service in hospitals, nursing homes and LTAC’s. We are authorized to work on a long list of OEM’s and models and will respond within 24 to 48 hours. Our biomedical engineers and technicians are factory trained and are credentialed to work in hospitals across the Southeast.

Our repair, service, certification and calibration processes of these infusion pumps (infusion equipment) are fully documented. Customers receive detailed written reports of all services performed as well as a warranty on the services undertaken.

To reinforce our one stop shop strategy, Quality Medical offers a range of rental programs for infusion and enteral equipment. These programs help medical institutions such as nursing homes, hospitals and HME’s reduce their capital outlay in acquiring infusion equipment. In addition, Quality Medical offers Rent-to-Own programs allowing an accumulation of equity during the rental period. The asset is then transferred to the customer at the end of the rental period.

Do you have out-of-service equipment to sell? Quality Medical acquires surplus infusion equipment from hospitals and other medical institutions. Because we are a service organization and will re-certify the equipment, we will typically pay more than the auction dealers. This equipment is then made available for sale, rent and rent to own. Are you looking to buy refurbished or used infusion equipments & pumps, please feel free to contact our customer support team at 727-547-6000

Customer Portal

Given our experience in this industry, we recognize our customers challenges involved in managing the business of managing the service and repair of biomedical equipment. Typically our customers use paper based or Excel systems to keep track of equipment that need to be repaired and serviced, communicating with multiple service providers about the nature of the service and repair needed and the approval of the repair estimate. Once the repair is completed there is a further challenge of matching returned equipment to the correct paperwork and determining if the invoicing has been done correctly.

To solve this business process problem, Quality Medical has invested in a cloud based IT solution that allows our customers to manage their entire equipment service business in the cloud. The entire interaction is through a unique customer portal dedicated to each customer. The business process of equipment management has also been developed by the application of “Lean” principles. We believe that customers who adopt this portal and manage their service business in the cloud will very significantly simplify their equipment service process and lower their operating cost. The dashboard also gives them an unprecedented view of their service activity with Quality Medical and introduces a level of transparency and accountability that they have not had till now.

Once customers have registered their equipment in their dedicated portal, they receive automated notifications of upcoming PM’s and manage the overall status of their equipment. Using the portal they are able to schedule equipment for service and repair, arrange shipments and pick ups, approve estimates, buy accessories and disposables and sell surplus equipment. In short the entire lifecycle of biomedical equipment can be managed through the portal. The portal also notifies customers when any equipment develops problems 3 or more times within 12 months in the form of a “lemon alert”.

Supply Chain Solution

Another problem reported by our customers is the difficulties in packing, managing logistics and shipping of equipment out to service. Quality Medical has solved this problem for them in the Southeast by providing a supply chain solution that picks up equipment needing service and repair. These pick-ups are typically on a weekly or bimonthly basis depending on volume. We handle all packing and logistics and ship these equipment in covered vans. For customers in the Southeast this resolves another major problem.  While we endeavor to provide this service to all our customers in the Southeast and routes are being added all the time, we need to ensure that there is sufficient volume of units to justify the cost of this service. As such the supply chain network will continue to be expanded to cover more customers as volumes justify the investment.