Q-CONNECT ~ Online Equipment Service Management Portal

A cloud-based platform that helps healthcare providers better manage their equipment service.  This includes complete visibility of their asset fleet, immediate RMA generation and estimate approval, and on-demand access to all service history and reports. With this type of control of the process, care providers can improve their operational efficiency and reduce cost.

Why Opt for Q-Connect?

  • 1Asset Manager
  • 2Immediate RMA Generation
  • 3Estimate Review & Approval
  • 4Online Service History & Reports

Cloud-based platform that helps healthcare providers manage their equipment service.

Complete visibility of asset fleet, immediate RMA generation & estimate approval, and on-demand access to all service history and reports

Asset Manager

Q-Connect’s Asset Manager module offers providers the ability to keep track of all of their assets. This includes details on the fleet’s breakdown by make/model, preventative maintenance compliance, location, and status. With the detail, providers will have the visibility they need to manage the dynamic nature of equipment movement.

Immediate RMA Generation

With Q-Connect you no longer need to sit on hold with manufacturers or hope to get an email reply to get an RMA number. Our online portal give you immediate RMA generation and shipping details so you can process your service requests when you need them.

Estimate Review & Approval

The financial details surrounding your equipment service is as important as the service itself. This is why Q-Connect provides our customers with full visibility to all of the details surrounding their equipment service. With this type of visibility, our customers have the control they need to manage an effective business.

Online Service History & Reports

We still see many of our customers managing service records in spiral notebooks, Excel sheets, three-ring binders and, of course, files in filing cabinets. This is obviously an inefficient manner when you are talking about thousands of medical devices getting serviced every year. With Q-Connect you will know you have all of your service records stored online so they are accessible by any user, anytime.